evolingo education

evolingo allows everyone to progress in english for free, according to their age and their own level of english by following the adventures of the Lacostes.

The user will improve his written comprehension, his listening comprehension (of both English and American accents), and will expand his vocabulary, together with a knowledge of the rules of english grammar.

10 minutes a day
1 episode of the Lacostes a day. 10 questions. 1 correction.

Completely personalized course
evolingo has a built-in artificial intelligence system. It constantly adapts the questions to the level of the user and allows him to strengthen his weak points in english as he goes along and in pace with his progress through the story.

Regular advancement
Hundreds of episodes ensure regular progress. It is possible to return at any time to each of the episodes already completed in order to check your corrections. Graphics also help you to follow your progress visually during any given period.