Phrasal Verbs - Free english lesson
Chapter Prepositional Verbs and Verbs with an adverbial particle

Adverb particles allow changes in verb meaning.

Don't give up your race!
« up » is an adverbial particle (or postposition). This particle changes the meaning of a verb.
«To give» has the meaning of «to offer» while «to give up» means «to abandon».
«Your race» is a complement. It can be placed between the verb and the adverbial particle : Don't give your race up.

The main particles are: about, across, along, around, away, back, down, in, off, on, out, over, through, up.

List of phrasal verbs (non-exhaustive list):
break in
break up
break off
break out
get up
get down
give in
give up
turn on
turn off
turn down
turn out

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