Past Perfect Simple - Free english lesson
Chapter The Past Perfect Tense

In order to form the Past Perfect Simple, we use the auxiliary « had » followed by a verb in the past participle.
All the computers had been sold before I came.

The Past Perfect (mainly the Past Perfect Continuous) can describe a past action in progress before an accomplished event.
We have been sleeping when the noise was heard.

The Past Perfect allows us to turn an account into indirect speech.
« I have done my job ». → He said he had done his job.

The Past Perfect enables us to make assumptions.
Suppose you had won this race.
I wish I had been stronger!

The Past Perfect can describe a recent action in an account made in the past.
We generally add “just” to indicate a recent action.
They had met their neighbourg.
They had just left the house.

The Past Perfect is used to describe a unique action or a less current one.
It was the first time I had met Nelson Mandela.
It was the third time their house had been burgled.

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