Usage of the Passive Voice - Free english lesson
Chapter The Passive Voice

The Passive Voice is formed with the help of the auxiliary « be », adding a verb in the past participle.
Dwight catches a butterfly (Dwight attrape un papillon). This sentence has an active form.
The butterfly is caught by Dwight (Le papillon est attrapé par Dwight). This sentence is turned into Passive Voice.
The butterfly, which is the active object of the sentence in the Active Voice, becomes the subject of the sentence in the Passive Voice.

There are several objects in a sentence.
Jimmy told Miles a secret.
There are two ways of turning this sentence into passive :
Miles was told a secret by Jimmy.
A secret was told to Miles by Jimmy.

The two sentences are correct, but we prefer the first turning because Jimmy, who was the subject of the sentence in the Active Voice, becomes the main passive agent of the sentence in The Passive Voice.

When turning a sentence into passive, we generally have to use « by » in order to introduce the passive agent.
I ate an apple. ? An apple was eaten by me.
Graham Bell invented the phone. ? The phone was invented by Graham Bell.

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