Can/Could - Free english lesson
Chapter The modals

We use « can/can't » in order to express the possibility and the impossibility.

We use « can » or « can't » in order to indicate an ability or lack of ability.
He can play the guitar.
He can't sing.

We also use « can » or « can't » in order to authorize or forbid something.
You can go to the swimming pool.
You can't go to that party.

We use « could or couldn't » in order to indicate an ability or lack of ability in the past.
When I was younger, I could run for hours.
I remember that I couldn't sleep without my teddy bear.

« Could/couldn't » also expresses an ability (or lack of ability) weaker than « can/can't ».
I can fix your water leak.
I could fix your water leak.

The second sentence is less categorical.

« Could/couldn't » can be used in order to form a conditional sentence.
I could come visit you if I found someone to keep my dog.
We could take the bus.

« Could » is used to make a suggestion.

« Could » is used in polite questions.
Could you shut the door please?

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