May/Might - Free english lesson
Chapter The modals

We use « may/might » in order to express possibility like « can/could », but with a weaker degree of certainty.
He can't come.
He may not come.

In the second sentence, we state a possibility without cutting short.

« May » is used in polite questions.
May I have your attention please?

« May » is used to express a wish.
May you see rainbow.

Like in the case of « can't », « may not » indicates interdiction.
You may not enter this room.

« Might » is used to state a suggestion.
You might try these shoes.

We use « might » in order to express the possibility with a lesser degree of certainty than « may ».
She might miss her train.
There is a more certain probability that she miss her train than saying « She may miss her train ».

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