Will/Woul - Free english lesson
Chapter The modals

The modal « will » is generally used to form the future.
I will go to England next year.

« Will » expresses volition.
Will you go to the bakery?

« Will » is used to express a strong certainty.
That will be my sister.

We use « will » in order to express a habit.
He will always smoke a cigarette after lunch.

Be careful! : Whenever « will » expresses volition or habit, it is translated using the present.

« Would » is generally used to form the conditional.
If he had enough money, he would leave his job to travel around the world.

« Would » also expresses a past habit.
He would ring a bell to warn us that the meal was served.

We use « would » in polite questions.
Would you like something to drink?

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