Subjunctive - Free english lesson
Chapter The subjunctive and the imperative

Present Subjunctive
The Present Subjunctive allows the expression of wish, demand, recommendation, order.
We find the subjunctive after verbs such as :  « recommend », « insist », « suggest », « ask », « order », « request » ,......

In order to form Present Subjunctive, we place the bare infinitive after the subject.
I suggest that you ask him.
I order that you apologize.

In order to form the negative, we place « not » between the subject and the verb in The Present Subjunctive.
I asked her that she not open the door.

The Present Subjunctive is also used in set expressions.
God bless you.

Past Subjunctive
Only « be » can be used in the Past Subjunctive under the form of « were ».
If he were to sell his car, I would buy it.

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