Imperative - Free english lesson
Chapter The subjunctive and the imperative

Second person singular and plural
The imperative allows us to give an order or an assignment.
In order to form the imperative, we only take the bare infinitive.

As for the second person singular and plural, we use the bare infinitive in order to form the imperative.
Come here!

In the negative form, we use « do not » + bare infinitive. The contracted form is « don't ».
Do not enter.
Don't touch the food!

We can also add « you » before « do not » and the bare infinitive.
Don't you ever talk to me like that!

First person singular and third person singular and plural
In order to form the imperative in the first person singular and in the third person singular and plural, we use « let me » + bare infinitive.
Let me handle that.
Let them go.
Let him play.

In the negative form, we use « do not » +bare infinitive.
Don't let me alone.

First person plural
In the first person plural, we use « let us », adding the bare infinitive. Its contracted form is « let's ».
Let's go to the restaurant.
Let's start the match.

In the negative form, we place « not » between « let's » and the bare infinitive.
Let's not lose our calm.

The use of « do »
We can use the auxiliary « do » before the bare infinitive or before « let » as a means of stressing.
Do ask her.
Do trust me.
Do let them eat the cake.

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