Structure of the elliptical reprises - Free english lesson
Chapter The elliptical reprises

In order to form an elliptical reprise, we retake the auxiliary (be, have, do or a modal) which is used in the previous sentence.

If the answer is affirmative, we answer using « yes », then we perform subject-auxiliary agreement.
Is Robert ill? Yes he is.
Will you be nice? Yes I will.
Have you take your books? Yes I have.

If the answer is negative, we answer using « no », then we perform subject-auxiliary agreement, adding not.
Is Robert ill? No he is not.
Will you be nice? No I will not.
Have you take your books? No I have not.

In the three previous examples, we can use the contracted form :
Is Robert ill? No he isn't.
Will you be nice? No I won't.
Have you taken your books? No I haven't.

We also use « so » after the verbs expressing hope or faith such as « think », « hope », « believe », « guess », « expect ».
Will his car be fixed? I hope so.
Did he sell his jacket? I don't think so.

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