The zero article « Ø » - Free english lesson
Chapter The articles

In English, there are different types of articles that are placed before the noun and the determiner. One of them is the zero article, meaning that the article is missing before the noun. This regards certain cases such as the following :

There is absence of the article or zero article (represented by the symbol Ø) when we refer to something in general :

- Reference to general things or general truths :
Ø Appetites comes with eating.
Ø French is the language spoken in France.
Ø Lions are dangerous animals.

- Reference to life habits :
I drink Ø coffee and I eat Ø chocolate cake at breakfast. Every day, I go to Ø school.

- Expression of a general opinion or an everlasting taste :
I think Ø geography is boring.
I hate Ø history.
I like drinking Ø orange juice.

The absence of the article (or zero article) also concerns certain syntactical turnings that nevertheless do not express something in general :

- Before proper nouns :
I'm visiting Ø Greece next week.

- Before the days of the week, the months of the year :
Molly will go to the swimming pool on Ø Wednesday.

- Before the nouns expressing position, status :
Ø Prime minister Gordon Brown has visited a school in London.

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