The definite article « the » - Free english lesson
Chapter The articles

« The » is used in English :

- In order to refer to a situation, an object or to a person in particular :
The beautiful lady is my aunt.
The dress she bought is pink.

- In order to refer to something generally known or known by the speaker's close relations :
The sky is blue.
The sun is shining.
The Carters moved to San Francisco.
I saw The Pacific ocean.

- In order to refer to a group of persons in general (indicated by an adjective) :
The young.
The poor.
The new rich.

Remark : Attention, « the » is pronounced [ði:] or [ði] before the words beginning with a sound-vowel.

The heir (sound-vowel [e]) (the « h » is soundless.)
The animal (sound-vowel [ӕ])

« The » is pronounced [ðə] when is placed before a word beginning with a sound-consonant.
The horse (sound-consonant [h]) (the « h » is aspirate)
The sun (sound-consonant [s])

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