Pronouns - Free english lesson
Chapter The demonstratives: This, these, that, those

The demonstratives « this » and « that » are used either as determiners (they determine the noun and are placed before it), or as pronouns (they replace the noun).

They perform gender and number agreement with the noun they determine or they replace. The plural of « this » is « these » and « that » has the plural « those ».
I have already read this (that) book.
I have already read these (those) books.

« This/these » or « that/those » can be used as pronouns. They replace this way a noun or even a sentence :
Those who were tired went to bed.
« I've always been generous with you. » « That's a lie. »
Can you explain this to me ?

Remark : In the above cases, the notions of proximity and distance are valid.

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