The use of compound nouns - Free english lesson
Chapter Relating two nouns

When referring to a compound noun, it is the second noun that has most importance. The first noun acts as an adjective that determines the second noun.
The fire escape
A phone ring
A serial killer

The words most frequently used are not written separately.
A waterfall
A bookshop

Sometimes we use a hyphen to separate two nouns.
Thus, we find the spelling « week end », « week-end » and « weekend ». The three spellings are correct but in English we use more frequently « weekend ».

We can also form compound nouns using a verb ending in « ing ».
Baby sitting

The use of compound nouns is not restricted to two nouns.
A handsome young man
An open eyes dream

In order to form the plural of compound nouns, we add (with rare exceptions) an « s » at the end of the second noun.
fire escapes
bus stops

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