The superlative - Free english lesson
Chapter The comparative and the superlative

It is used to compare an element (thing or person) with several elements. There are two forms of superlative.

The superlative of superiority
If it is a short adjective (a syllable) or it is formed of two syllables ending in –y, -er, -ow, the superlative of superiority is formed in the following way : the + adjective + est
He is the youngest.
She is the prettiest.

If it is a long adjective (two or three syllables), the superlative of superiority is formed in this manner: the most + adjective
This computer is the most expensive we have.
This is the most boring film.

The superlative of inferiority
The superlative of inferiority is formed as follows: the least + adjective
This book is the least interesting.
He is the least enthusiastic.

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