Possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives - Free english lesson
Chapter Personal and possessive pronouns

Possessive adjectivesPossessive Pronouns
his / her / ithis / her / its

As their name indicates, the possessive adjectives and pronouns express possession. They always agree with the possessor.

The possessive adjectives allow us to indicate the possession or family relation acting as noun determiner.
Mike is her brother.
That's its choice.
Michael Jackson is our favorite singer.

The possessive pronouns can replace nouns and their possessive adjectives.
The bottle of apple juice is mine.
I have got my keys. Where is yours?

In the second example, the possessive pronoun yours allows us to avoid repetition of your keys.

We can use a possessive pronoun after of.
Andrew's a friend of mine.
It's a car of his.

Remark: the use of « its » as possessive pronoun is very rare. « Its » must not be taken for « it's » (contraction of it is.)

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