The causative structure - Free english lesson
Chapter The causative and result sentences

As its name indicates, the causative structure expresses a cause.
This is a construction with two verbs (verb + bare infinitive or verb + to + verb.)

The cause is often expressed by the verbs « make », « have » and « get ».
« Make » and « have » are followed by the bare infinitive while « get » is followed by « to ».

These three verbs do not have the same meaning :
- « Make » is the most frequent. It often expresses an idea of compulsion exerted upon someone else and can equally express a change of mood.
He made her cry.

In the passive form, « make » is by all means followed by « to ».
I was made to work quietly.

Causative « make » is always followed by object.
It makes you dream.

- « Have » is especially used to impose an order or a task.
The teacher had his students write an essay.

- « Get » expresses an idea of difficulty in order to obtain something.
I got my son to clean his bedroom.

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