The coordinating conjunctions - Free english lesson
Chapter Coordination and subordination

As its name indicates, the coordinating conjunction is used to relate two clauses that can function independently :
Main clause / coordinating conjunction / Main clause
There are 7 coordinating conjunctions in English :

For = BecauseShe doesn't want to eat a cake for she is on a diet.
AndI like tea and coffee too.
NorIt is not her fault, nor his.
ButI like eggs but I don't like milk.
OrDo you want to go to the cinema or to the zoo?
YetIt seems unbelievable, yet it is true.
SoShe was sad so she cried.
« And » and « or » can also be used to coordinate two independent words :
- You and I (two personal pronouns)
- Ours or theirs ? (two possessive pronouns)

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