The subordinating conjunctions - Free english lesson
Chapter Coordination and subordination

The subordinating conjunction is used to add an adverbial (named adverbial clause), to a verb in another sentence.
Main clause / subordinating conjunction / subordinate clause
Subordinate clause / subordinating conjunction / main clause

Here are different subordinating conjunctions (non-exhaustive list) :

TimeWhen, while, until, as
CauseBecause, since, for, as
ContrastWhereas, though/although, while
ConditionIf, unless, provided that, so long as
ResultSo that, so
OppositionBut, yet
PurposeTo/in order to, so that, such as
« That » can also be used as a subordinating conjunction.
This type of subordinate clause is preceded by verbs of opinion, feeling : say, tell, feel, order, think...
She thinks that he is rude / she thinks Ø he is rude.

Remark : the conjunction that is often omitted in English (mainly in speaking).

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