The relative pronoun subject / object - Free english lesson
Chapter The relative clause

The relative pronouns introduce a relative clause. They can be either subject, or object of the verb of the clause.

- Relative pronoun, subject of the clause

Animate antecedent (human): who
The girl who is in my car is my sister.

Inanimate antecedent (non-human) which or that
Give me the pen which /that is on the table.

- Relative pronoun object of the clause

Animate antecedent: whom / who or that
The girl that you can see in my car is my sister / The girl, whom you met last week, is my sister.
Remark : « whom » is mostly used in a formal context, but it tends to disappear.

Inanimate antecedent: which or that
I liked the vegetables which we had for lunch / I liked the vegetables (that) we had for lunch.

The relative pronoun as subject cannot be omitted while the relative pronoun as object is often omitted.

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