The clauses in V-ing as objects - Free english lesson
Chapter The nominal clauses in V-ing

There is only a subject in the sentence.
My mother dislikes being sick.
« Being sick » is the object of the verb « dislike ». The verb « dislike » and the object « being sick » have the same subject : My mother.

The gerund can have a different subject from the first verb.
My mother dislikes my father being sick.
My mother is the subject of « dislike » and my father is the subject of « being sick ».

The subject of the gerund can be a pronoun.
My mother dislikes him being sick.

We also find a possessive determiner + V-ing (used for an accurate language.)
My mother dislikes his being sick.

If the subject of the gerund is a noun, it is in the genitive in an accurate language level.
I remember my sister complaining about her weight.
I remember my sister's complaining about her weight.

The second example uses an accurate language.

Attention : after the verbs of perception, the subject of the indefinite participle cannot be in the genitive.
She heard his boyfriend walking up the stairs.
We can say neither « her boyfriend's walking », nor « his walking ».

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