The functions of the subordinate clauses - Free english lesson
Chapter The subordinate clauses

The subordinate clauses can accomplish the following functions: Subject
When the subordinate clause functions as subject, we prefer to place it at the end of the sentence and begin the sentence with « It is… ».
It was difficult to find her.
We seldom find the form « To find her was difficult ».
Whether she likes me or not is not my problem.

When the subordinate has the function of object, it is frequent not to use « that », mainly in speaking.
They appreciate (that) you are honest with them.
They appreciate it.

When the subordinate functions as attribute, we use « that », except for informal English when « that » can be omitted (in writing, it will be replaced by a comma).
The main thing is that we are together.
The main thing is, we are together.

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