The Big News

The Big News


Andrew Lacoste came home with a bunch of flowers and a big smile on his face.  His wife Juliette knew he had big news, but didn’t know if it was good or bad.  He had called Juliette in the morning and told her to make sure all the children were together when he got home. He had big news and wanted everyone to hear it at the same time, even the baby.

Their oldest daughter Diane stopped playing piano and their oldest son Pierre left football practice early. Michel, 8 years old, hoped the big news was about a new pet.  He wanted a dog.  The baby Zoe just wanted to go to sleep. 

Andrew came home with a dozen roses and an apple pie.  “Guess what! I got a raise and we are all moving to the USA for one year.”


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Episode 1

Reading skill

Choose the right answer

What are the Lacostes going to be doing?

 They are moving to America in a year’s time
 They are going to live in America for a year
 They are going to America on holiday

Choose the right answer

What were the children doing when Andrew came home?

 Playing football
 Playing the piano
 All of the above
 None of the above

Listening skill

Choose the right answer

What did Juliette do when she heard Andrew’s news?

 she smiled
 she frowned
 she cried

Choose the right answer

What did Juliette say when she heard the news?

 America, here we come
 I have never lived in America
 I don’t know whether to cheer or to cry


Choose the right answer

Choose a word that means “at the same time.”


Answer the following question

Find a word in the text that means “bouquet”.


Attention, dans les questions suivantes vous devez donner toutes les réponses grammaticalement possibles, sans tenir compte du sens de l'épisode.

Choose the right answer

Juliette looks forward ... to the USA.

 to going
 to go

Complete the following sentence

Complete the sentence with the right words.

Andrew decided to tell his family they are to move to the USA, he gathered all of them.

Choose the right answer (one or several answers possible)

They ... live in Paris anymore.


Translate the sentence

La famille d'Andrew est prête à quitter Paris.

 Andrew's family is ready to leave Paris.
 Andrew family is ready to leave Paris.
 The family of Andrew's is ready to leave Paris.

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